Security safes

Zamsafes and Alarms has an extensive range of quality security safes, and can professionally install them. Every safe supplied is anti-explosive, fireproof and radioactive resistant. Their products range from category 5 vaults, strong room doors, security filing cabinets, cash canisters, cash in transit boxes, house and car alarms.
Safes are anti-explosive
Security safes are fireproof and radioactive resistant
Installation of strong rooms and vault doors
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Security safes - 1
Security safes - 2
Security safes - 3

Security equipment

As one of the few local suppliers of high security products, Zamsafes and Alarms manufactures custom-built security products with an excellent service both before and after sales. Safes and vault doors come with a lifetime guarantee and locks are serviced every 6 months.
1 year warranty on all products
Locks are serviced every 6 months by arrangement
Security consultancy services on new buildings
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Security equipment - 1
Security equipment - 2
Security equipment - 3

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